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Author: Jason Morris


The Burning Sky

Project is currently in development as possibly a TV pilot or web series. Currently the script is written and 16 episodes are outlined.

In "The Burning Sky" we follow Hank and his family as they leave their home and head for the mountains in hopes of surviving the chaos that follows after an unknown cause of a global catastrophe takes place.


The Dark

Produced by Justin Buettner​ and Christina Marie, written by Justin Buettner​ and directed by Justin Buettner​, Christina Marie and Justin Crose, this ambitious film is geared up to break the Guinness Book of World Records by shooting the entire feature length script in just three short days. This isn't about budget, this is about pushing the envelope and seeing what quality skilled people are capable of.

Digital Shadow Films was called in just days before production started to fill last minute Gaffer/Grip and Equipment needs for the production. With only 2 days of prep time, the production seemed to go off without a hitch.

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When Evan is given an enchanted Dream-catcher on his 10th birthday he dreams of a magical land where Evan and his sister Autumn can play forever. Until Autumn disappears and Evan start to forget the real world. Evan must discover the value of family, find The Evil Prince of DreamLand and defeat him to save his sister and the rest of the kids trapped before they get stuck there forever!