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July 22, 2013 in Production

Story of Eva

The new feature film from Diablo FilmWorks and Digital Shadow Films "Story of Eva" is a roller coaster ride of revenge and pain. How far would you go? How long would you wait? What Price would you pay? To take vengeance against the murderer of your child?

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January 17, 2013 in Production

Guitar Luthier's Documentary

Written and Directed by Robert Amador, this documentary explores the age old craft of luthiery. Hand carved word working building and designing guitars. View project
December 7, 2012 in Production

Predatory Lender

Predatory Lender is a dark thriller that follows the exploits of a psychopathic real estate agent who is as cold and deceptive in business as he is in the pursuit of his beautiful young prey. The hunter becomes the hunted as the serial killer is stalked by a sexy, violent lesbian Private Eye who always gets her man. View project