July 22, 2013 in Production

Story of Eva

The new feature film from Diablo FilmWorks and Digital Shadow Films "Story of Eva" is a roller coaster ride of revenge and pain. How far would you go? How long would you wait? What Price would you pay? To take vengeance against the murderer of your child?

Starring: Michael Madsen, Eric Roberts, Ricco Ross, Lorenzo Lamas, Shawna Craig and more!

Eva and her daughter Amber are attacked outside a restaurant after an evening of Amber's musical concert. Eva is knocked out during the attack! Eva wakes in the hospital to discover Amber has been kidnapped, raped and murdered, but she is unable to help in the investigation due to amnesia.

On a quiet evening while listening to Amber's music play, Eva recalls her attack. Having learned the lessons with past abused children and the lack of protection authorities could provide, Eva decides to take the justice system into her own hand. Eva constructs a dungeon in her garage to enact her own version of Vengeance. Then she tracks her daughter’s killer! Along the way, she transform from a Mini-Van soccer mom to a hip slick huntress of Evil.

Eva meets the worst of society and puts an end to their reign of terror, personally! But not all is smooth sailing as Detective Grind and Wood track Eva down as the bodies of her daughter’s killers are discovered. As the detectives close in, Eva is preparing to move her operations. However, she isn't thinking small, she transform from an angry vengeful mother to a God enacting her own reality. The legend of Eva begins.

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